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Our team at Your Arizona Lawyer puts our knowledge and experience to work for you. When defending those accused of violent crimes, we know how to skillfully navigate pertinent laws and regulations, helping to protect your rights while preserving your freedoms.

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Violent crimes we represent include:

Intuitive Defense Techniques for Every Case

You can be charged with a violent crime if someone accuses you of physically or verbally inflicting injury on another individual. Witness testimonies are often confused, for heightened emotions add chaos to an already tense scene. For this reason, retaining our services is the best way to protect yourself as your case proceeds.

Our Tucson violent crimes lawyers move quickly to investigate your circumstances, gathering evidence, testimonies, and relevant laws that can help your situation. Sometimes you were defending yourself against a perceived danger, other times the witness misconstrued the situation. Regardless of your particular circumstances, you have options. Let us help you uncover them.

A Violent Crime Accusation Can Lead to Felony Charges

Depending on the crime, you may be facing felony charges. Being convicted of a felony will have lifetime consequences, from limiting your ability to travel, hold public office, carry a gun, and vote. The conviction goes on your permanent and public record. You may be facing incarceration in the state prison and serious fines.

Avoid damaging your future prospects by partnering with our skilled team of criminal defense lawyers. We work tirelessly to build you an intelligent defense against your charges.

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