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With the passing of recent legislation, marijuana offenses are now treated less seriously in comparison to other drug crimes. They are, however, still considered a Class 6 felony for possessing any amount, but those charges who do not have prior offenses on their record may qualify for a diversion program, instead of jail or prison time. Completion of the program allows the charge to be dismissed and the conviction will not show up on your criminal record.

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Possession for Sale Charges

Possession of marijuana for sale is a much greater offense over simple possession. Even if there isn’t any proof that you did sell, or were intending to sell, the higher charge may still be pursued for a number of reasons. This includes the amount of marijuana in question or the presence of any additional paraphernalia, such as scales or individual bags. These issues can enhance your sentence, and if you are found with any amount over four pounds, you will face a mandatory prison sentence.

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