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A graduate of the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, Attorney Frank Anjakos went on to earn his admittance to the Arizona State Bar in 1994. Our firm, Your Arizona Lawyer, is particularly pleased to work alongside an individual with such an unparalleled wealth of experience, skill, and compassion. Our clients benefit from these incredible qualities every day.

Prior to joining our legal team, Attorney Anjakos served as a Deputy County Attorney with the Pima County Attorney’s Office. It was during this time he was able to cultivate truly valuable litigation knowledge, litigating various felonies and domestic violence cases. He also served as the City of Tucson Assistant City Prosecutor. This noteworthy experience gave him great insight into both sides of the justice system, making him an invaluable asset for our legal team.

Attorney Anjakos’ significant understanding of the prosecution means he is capable of predicting what move the other side will make before it happens. This quality, among various others, truly sets him apart from various Arizona lawyers who don’t have such a strong background in the legal realm. No matter the complexities or challenges of your particular situation, Attorney Anjakos won’t give up on you or your case. Working tirelessly on behalf of your best interests, you will be protected and informed throughout the entire process.

Our firm, Your Arizona Lawyer, has successfully handled thousands of criminal cases, thanks to our sincere dedication to advocacy on behalf of our clients. We have earned a reputation for success after years of tenacity, determination, and commitment to justice. With the help of exceptional attorneys such as Attorney Frank Anjakos, we look forward to continuing our years of legal counsel, care, and representation for our clients across Arizona.